Monday, April 20, 2009

You’re never man enough take it on all night

When I was in Montreal a few weeks back this lovely mess wanted to "bring the man out of the boy".
She reminded me of every AC/DC song ever written.

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Kevan said...

The following is to be related not without a heavy quebecois accent:

"You are so, how can I put it, full of innocence and creativity. Such child-like attention to the world. It radiates out of your face. You have the spirit of a young boy, trapped within a man. I want to know, how can I, you must tell me, I am willing to do anything, how can I bring out this boy? I will do anything and everything to be with the man and bring out the young beautiful boy in him. You must tell me. Please. What can I do?"

Followed by the consumption of several tall glasses of beer and some other rocks glass concoction, the contents of which it was imperative to hold at a distance from the face when not pouring most of it into said face.