Sunday, January 31, 2010

get your clothes fresh and your dance steps tight

Dear Mr. Dj,

The music was amazing.
The dancing lasted until the sun came up.
The costumes were too much fun.
You should really do it again.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Delicious Daegu

 I think that in general it is is almost a requirement after a night of drinking, dancing, and forgotten memories to regroup with your partners in crime the following afternoon and piece together last night's debaucheries over a late breakfast  ... or in our case spend the entire day  doing so over massive burgers, cupcakes, hummus, and waffles ....

.. top that off with a little shopping  and you've got yourself a perfect Sunday.

These kids are living the dream. They just opened their first thrift store and we happened to drop by on their opening day. We were given cocktails and treated like royalty. We were very happy to buy their little treasures.

... and then we went somewhere else and David was swallowed by a giant heap of clothing. We haven't seen him since.

Monday, January 25, 2010

a monkey needs to dance and so do you

When I was younger my parents would make these large beautiful pots of tomato sauce that would simmer away for hours on our stove fogging up the kitchen windows and transforming our home into a delicious pasta steam bath. On these long afternoons I would inevitably assume the role of the dreaded sauce thief - a child of incredible mystery who lurked around in the shadows awaiting the perfect moment to pounce forth and steal spoonfuls of sauce while the chefs had their backs turned. When the little redheaded thief was caught she would be scolded and told to wait until the sauce had thickened and menacingly reminded that her hair would only get redder if she kept eating so much sauce. Dejected, I would slink away to plot my next course of action while not-so-secretly vowing that when I grew up, things would be different. I would make my own bigger more delicious pots of sauce and everyone could eat as much sauce as they wanted, when they wanted - thickness and  red hair be damned …

Saturday in Daegu reminded me of this old pact as I realized that I almost spent the entire day fulfilling every kid's dream - eating only deserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ....

Chesnuts on the train .... and cotton candy as we walked the streets ...
Chocolate fondue and cappuccino  followed by a slice of tiramisu to warm us up ...

... and after all that sugar was consumed and sound check completed we returned to the love shack where we watched dirty Korean movies and speculated on where the night would take us while the girl with the pink tights tied ribbons in her hair.

And then we started to dance ... because Rhylon's band was so damn good ...
... and how can you stop dancing when the next guy is dressed like this?

...  so we kept dancing  ...

... and I no longer felt any guilt over having consumed all those sugary confections because when you dance like we did, you can eat anything...

.... and then it was time for pizza in a cup ...


and after that we danced some more ... but I wasn't allowed to bring my camera so she was shut in a locker until 7am ... we like to dance.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Little Wonderful Tasty Minds

I was told by the Swedes that marängsviss is thought of as a children's desert because it's so simple and it stars tasty treats which on their own, children love in a big way.

1. Whipped Cream

2. Ice Cream
3 and 4 and 5
Chocolate Sauce, Crushed Meringues, and Chopped Bananas

Mix it all together....

Et voilà! You've got yourself a desert! Although, I think it might be a little too delicious to share with boys.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Mighty Cupcake

This is an ode to cupcakes ..

I like cupcakes. Ok, so maybe I more than like cupcakes, maybe I love them a little too much and consider it an unquestionable character flaw to think otherwise. As you'll see I have had the privilege of eating amazing cupcakes with some amazing people from all over the world ... Which I think proves one undeniable fact - cupcakes make the world a better place.

First time at Magnolia with Cat

British and Australian boys may laugh at your cupcakes, but wait until
they take their first bites .... then listen to the extraordinary sounds they make.

New Orleans, Austin, New York ... and possibly Stockholm ... They are always a pleasure with the Swede.

Even Klauss has a sweet tooth.

Which leads me to today. I found a cupcake shop in Haeundae. Before I say anything about it I want to give you a little context. Koreans love bakeries. They are everywhere and you will most certainly always bump into someone holding a cake box on the subway. Young and old, girls and boys, Koreans seem to really like their bakeries. The thing is, these desserts and cakes although always adorable and beautifully decorated fail to seduce my western palate, and it's not for lack of trying. Every month the little wolves have a birthday party and all the mothers bring in cakes and goodies and after sampling more than enough cakes I can safely say I'm not impressed.

And so here I am in Korea and congrats to you little cupcakes, you've made your little way over to this side of the globe.
... and you look as beautiful as ever ...

... but something was missing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday I Do Care About You

A visit to Green Pig galbi with the Hot Dog Princess followed by American beer and hitting a few bucket of baseballs out of the park.

Some Wednesday are perfect.