Friday, January 9, 2009

In the County ...

When you were 16 did you do doughnuts in empty lots only to find black ice?
Did you decide you should ask the guy who lives next door to that empty lot if you could use some of his water to help feed the ice so you could turn it into a rink for you and your buddies?
Did you shovel the snow, spray the water, and then a few days later come back at night with the guys and some flood lights to play a little puck?
That's how we do in Port Elgin.
It's the county way.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few months ago a certain someone I know put her engagement photos up on the internet, and I, being the terrible person that I am, couldn't stop laughing at how terrible they were. Not that I've ever been engaged, or come anywhere close to it, but I imagine the point of engagement photos are to show the world how much you and your special someone are in love, and how much everyone else is not. Needless to say, her photos did not accomplish this, instead
they looked like a mix between the cover of a soft-rock compilation album, and an American Eagle ad. Nothing says I love you more than boring monotony. 
And then I saw these
These people I am jealous of.