Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ghost of Airports Past

The road to South Korea was a long one paved with frantic repacking at the airport, too many layoversin 4 different airports, the threat of a deadly virus, broken baggage, and an overheated 14 hour plane. Guess how I kept a smile on my face?

Klaus made a friend who is more orange than him in Toronto.

There was an ongoing debate as to whether I was as glad to see Chicago as it was to see me. It was rainy and dark the entire 7 hours I was there. I've always wanted to go to Chicago, and I even ran in and out at the airport once (you have to touch ground for it to count, if you count such things) ....

I also rode the train a few too many times.

Waiting for that 1am take off of a 14 hour plane ride is perfectly explained by the kid ... if you can find her
I was so excited to see this.
More airlines should bring the maps back!
Welcome to South Korea .... where all the woman wear shoes that would make even the women from Montreal blush.
I'd heard about couples that dress alike ...
This toilet is smarter than me.

Dear Sean Connery,
You still got it going on.

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