Thursday, April 29, 2010

we can go all night

We can go all night

 dancing to music we’ve never heard

and don’t much care for

drinking until it gets so very funny

every word, every step.

Go until we’re leaned crooked against the wall

and feeling strangely at home ...

- Dallas Clayton 

Ps. Dear Dj Boys,
I like your songs.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This boy had a birthday.

We had to celebrate. So we went out a little ways, not quite all the way up a hill, and turned right. We walked down a path past the scary dog, past the little dock with the great view and and the blue boat filled with plants, until we came to a stoney hill. Then we followed the path through the woods, past the cement home of candles and the man who choose the sea until we found the rocks.
And we built him a fire.

... ate smores ...
 ... sang songs ...

... and let him sit next to the prettiest girl.

I like birthdays.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

better mistakes

                         You'll have to ask them where the pictures came from.

every place we go

A little over a year ago I was wandering around Boston and it's dirty little friend Worcester ....

... visiting a good friend.
He wears his brains on his feet.
We'd met in New Orleans ...

... but he was also a little busy so I had to make my own fun.
So I made a new friend. 

Eventually I had to go back to the real world, and she kept on travelling so we waved good bye.  A few weeks later I found myself in Quebec City with my oldest friend who was there to see the rocks ..

... when guess who walked back into my life?

So I invited her to Montreal, and the pretty ladies liked her.
.. and then she left again.

Almost two years later, and she's still on the road.
Guess where she was on Sunday?

I was pretty pleased to see her, and her friend.

What do you do if you've got visitors in town for one night?
Well ...
and then ...

I wonder when/where we'll sing this again ..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here and there and everywhere

Batman was on to something.
Caves are fun.

So are soju tents ...

...and Enoch
... and those wild little Bulgarians in Haeundae
... but you can't beat a sunrise on the beach.