Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BP - Canadian & Korean edition

If I wasn't so stuborn, or so poor, I might have considered paying for the wifi at the Toronto or Chicago airports... but then I probably wouldn't have started reading my amazing new book, or listened to the UNbelievable mix CD 800 millions times, and I doubt I would have wandered around O'Hare and stumbled upon navy recruits getting their first taste of army straight off the plane, or worried so much that the bratty sunburnt kids fresh from Mexico were going to infect me with the latest plague to hit the scene .... all that and Klaus would have been lonely, and we wouldn't want that now would we?
Now I know what you must be thinking? What has she been eating for breakfast?
Well ...

... the second last day I was in Canada Aidrenne surprised me with a brownie, which only further proves my point that she's a wonderful friend.

My last breakfast at home I made pancakes drowned in maple syrup and sprinkled with strawberries and ate them outside .... but alas I used my dad's camera and forgot to upload the photos before I left. But I'm offering a trade, instead of my last fabulous breakfast at home here are the breakfast options from my flight to Seoul.

My cheese thing ...

or this omelette thing the Chinese woman beside me was eating. She laughed so hard when she saw me take a photo of my breakfast that she insisted I take a photo of her morning snack as well.

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