Monday, April 6, 2009

Bp - Marmalade Conquered!

As a child I always loved Paddington Bear more than Winnie the Pooh. Paddington would always have a nice little marmalade sandwich and go off on wonderful little journeys by himself in big rubber boots and ... Pooh, well he would just sit around and eat and eat and eat. I always wanted to like marmalade, but it's never tasted good in my mouth until now.

One of my favourite people in the world currently lives in England and the last time I saw her she gave me a jar of some fancy British marmalade. After she left I crossed my fingers and made myself some toast ... and... well ... the jar has sat in my fridge forgotten until now. This morning I learned the trick - strong tea. Marmalade tastes quite good if you wash it down with some strong tea.
So Paddington - let's do breakfast!

Back in the days when I wasn't so fond of marmalade.

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