Monday, April 27, 2009

Up, up, and away

Today ..... I'm a little bit nervous.
Although this is the third time in almost as many years that I've packed as many things as I can into a suitcase and moved to another city, this time I'm going very far, far away. I'm not doing anything terribly original, just joining the ranks of ESL teachers in South Korea ... but saying good bye to the county is turning out to be a little more difficult than I thought.
So in honor of all the butterflies that are currently fluttering a little too much inside of me here is a song I find relaxing.
Once upon a time there was an incident with an old housemate which involved hot candle wax and my Cd. My Cd lost the battle. Lovely housemate that he was, the big curly haired guy with the sitar reburnt my Cd and added a few extra songs (including this track) to make up for the accident. A year or so later, my Cd very much forgotten, I was feeling more than a little sad while flying down to New Orleans when this song shuffled its way into my life via my ipod (the Matt Pond Pa version). It helped me to let go of my silly girly sadness and realize the awesomeness that is sitting on a plane full of silver haired foxes headed for NOLA.
So as I'm about to head off the airport, driven by one of my favourite friends, .... I think the world needs more musical saws.

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