Friday, November 5, 2010

Fact: Elvis would have loved melona - Hawaii

Elvis once lived nearby, up at the top of a mountain.
If it was good enough for Elvis, 
it was good enough for us to walk up and take a peek.

So up, and up we went .... 

Dragonfly, no matter what language you speak, is one of my favourite words. 
In French it's libellule, in Korean it's 잠자리 (jamjali).
I'm going to pretend that one of them was stealing a kiss, 
and not trying to tear the other to bits.  

... and then it was time to go back down.
Look what I found?!

I may have eaten 2 of these a day in the summer while in Korea,
There may have been a few days where the only thing I consumed was Melona.
I may have been the happiest girl in Hawaii when I spotted them at the grocery store.

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