Tuesday, November 30, 2010

candy is dandy

In general the whole “let’s smile through six months of dark and cold and look to our crappy Tim Hortons coffee cups for nostalgic thoughts of winter” doesn’t sit well with me, especially considering there are places like Hawaii and Fiji in this world where people never need trouble themselves with proper winter boots. All this cold is enough to make me turn my nose up at Mother Nature and only address her with expletives, but no, I am Canadian, and that is not the polite thing to do. So we trudge on. We hide our curves and cute sweater dresses under big bulky jackets, or flirt with messy hair thanks to our favourite toques. Well, if Mother Nature isn’t going to help us out, we need something to cheer us up. Enter the Drake Hotel`s breakfast cocktail. 

Lemonade + Maple Syrup + Jack Daniels
Throw in your pretty Korean for good measure, and Mother Nature won`t know what hit her.
Also, apologies about the quality of these photos. Drinking breakfast cocktails might be to blame, 

but I  doubt it.  

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Anonymous said...

О! Merci pour le post utile! Je n'aurais pas eu ce le contraire!