Saturday, October 30, 2010

I can see for pretty miles and pretty miles

Fall was just beginning to show off her deep rich colours in Oregon, when I packed my suitcase and left her, and her cool days behind to be reunited with my beloved summer in Hawaii.

I began my Hawaiian adventure where any good tourist begins, in Waikiki. The name alone is just too much fun to pass up. 

My second day there I followed some new friends up to the top of the Diamond Head crater.

 If Jeju is the Hawaii of Korea, and actually I’ll agree to that, then Diamond Head is their …. oh  I can't remember the name, but it's the crater beside Udo island. Anyway, the view at the top is a little nicer in Hawaii, but the crater itself is prettier in Korea. I’m just saying.

What is a suitable reward for marching up a big crater and climbing a bunch of stairs? If you’re a big tall guy from South Carolina it’s Vienna sausages for you and your pretty lady friend.

… if you’re me, it’s a shave ice. Coconut and lilikoi (passion fruit) please.

..and maybe a massive bottle of soju for later.

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