Tuesday, February 9, 2010

take me out to the rock show - carsick cars

Busan is quite the lovely monster of the city. She's this big, beautiful metropolis that is surrounded by mountains and lives by the sea. She never seems to get quite as cold as the rest of Korea, she always has something delicious for you to eat, and she puts on one hell of a film festival in the fall.

.. but ...

One thing she doesn't do so well rock shows. I'm not saying there isn't good music in this town - we have some good bands, and the open mics are good fun in the summer when you need to sing your heart out with all your friends - but as far as good old sweaty, dirty rock show, we don't have them.

So the Chinese showed up and reminded us how it's done.

(ps. My disposable camera addiction might be back in full swing)

Peek-a-boo .. I see a boy peeing in the girl's bathroom!

CARSICK CARS - 蘑菇 蘑菇 MOGU MOGU (Music Video) from Maybe Mars / 兵马司 on Vimeo.

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