Wednesday, August 24, 2011

they said that the world was built for two

I made a new friend at the beginning of the summer. 
We've had a few adventures.

Walking to work is never dull. 
We spent the first half of the summer tiptoeing through the rubble of King Street ....

... past the fallen trees on Bathurst ....

....until we caught the boat to work....

.... and watch the city flaunt her pretty buildings.

She brought out all the pretty colours while I was busy learning that 
the only way to get married is Ukrainian. 

Deep fried Mars bars are a very good thing.

We've also been on a few airplanes and had our passports stamped a couple of times.

But we've left all the hustle of the city behind for a bit. 
We're enjoying the county for a few days 

And as always, making new friends. 

Ps. Sorry the blog has been so slow lately, Instagram has been busy stealing my heart. 
Follow me there if you like, just look up "rubyclicks".

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Britt Kee said...

the long awaited post!
Love it!
i am addicted to my iphone as well, it has changed my photo taking fo sho