Friday, July 8, 2011

This American Visit - Chicago

Last weekend was the first weekend I’d had off since I started working at the little airport. I knew I had to do something special, and then the idea struck me as I was walking home.


We figured out everything just in time to get on an airplane ......

... and enjoy the hottest day of the year they’d seen so far in Chicago.

We followed the crowds.....

.... and stumbled upon the Taste of Chicago at Bryant Park.
Mmmmm, pulled pork sandwiches with lots of bbq sauce mmmmmmM


This classy old man stole my heart. He was waving his umbrella up and down trying to hail a cab. I would have jumped in had he asked.

I owe you a bit of an apology though. I didn’t take many pictures of my favourite things. I know that’s strange but I was feeling a little camera shy - I’m a bit out of practice … however I can offer you these little pearls of wisdom; if you order the shrimp and grits at The Southern they will be amazing, shopping around Wicker Park will make your closet prettier, and you should absolutely drink a few too many Moscow Mules in at the Bar Deville and then dance with the locals… you never know what you’ll find behind the curtains.


Scotty McLehman said...

HA! You just "happened" upon TASTE OF CHICAGO?? That's amazing. Good choice of weekends to go. MISSING HOME RIGHT NOW!! Wish I could have been there to greet ya! Miss ya, Ruby! Come visit Portland again! Moving there in January.

JTL said...

I'm going there next week. It's a lovely city; been there a few times. Giordano's!!!

Anonymous said...

Amaizng! I'm going there in November. Highlights?