Sunday, March 13, 2011

Slaughterhouse Thighs

If I was more into trends I probably would have bought the interesting black and gray dress with the racer back that drapes in all the right places, but instead my style instincts, which generally mirror those of a 5 year old, along with a good friend helped me make the obvious decision.

A few of us made the trek out to somewhere on the edge of the city to watch some badass ladies smash into each other all in the name of roller derby. Some of us were braver than others and opted for the suicide seats.

10 points if you can find us in the video ....

A friend of mine is “fresh meat”. She is a new derby girl who is paying her dues and collecting bruises on her way up the ranks. She’s in a little need of help picking a derby name, and we all did our best to pitch in. My favourite - Slaughterhouse Thighs, too bad it’s already taken. Any suggestions?


Rachel said...

mother jones-in for blood

martha squashington

... i wanted to do roller derby, i got as far as making up some names.

p.s.s i made the arugula and rice dish, and added some beef. delicious.

Anonymous said...




ruby said...

I love all those names.
I may just have to go buy some skates and start collecting bruises.

Beef - such a good idea.