Thursday, March 10, 2011


There is something new in my life.
I spent a long time looking for it. I looked here and there, I asked friends too, but it was much better at hiding than I was seeking. But eventually I caught up.

Yes, I found a job.

At first the new trainees and I had to wake up very, very early every morning, the earliest I’d ever woken up in my life. Just in case you were curious, Parkdale looks like this at 5am on a Friday morning.

After many days in a chilly classroom time they gave us a little sample of the goods.

While we waited someone became an Aunt.

Up, Up Up...

Oh Ottawa, you frigid girl.

No worries about that cold, we only stayed about an hour or so.
Which was long enough for me to yawn....

... and make sure the world was ok.

All that and we made it home on time for lunch.


My Hideaway said...

Wow. That was some first day! Congrats on your new job! Are you allowed to say what it is or is it secret spy stuff? ;)

ruby said...

I`m starting small.
I`ve got big plans.

sophie.j said...

hello love your pics and how blue dress and red get along together!
I am from South Korea and moved to the U.S about a year ago. I wish I could move to Canada! =) xoxo