Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It’s useless, but so many things you want are.

She asked.
She didn’t ask me, but she did ask.

I took this photo a few years ago when I stopped to sit after a busy day of wandering around Boston for the first time. MMMM Pie.

Miranda July is at the top of my favourite-people-I-will-most-likely-never-meet list. She is an amazing writer/filmmaker/artist who draws you in with her wonderfully intimate and quirky works and makes you feel as though you’ve been best friends for ages. She‘s kind of my idol.
Over the weekend I picked up a copy of Lula magazine. I’d heard a lot about it and since I am a sucker for big beautiful fashion magazines, I thought I should finally listen to the pretty Swedish girl. Umm…. thing is, I wasn’t that impressed. Something about a few of the interviews was a bit too self indulgent - musicians interviewing other musicians and talking about how wonderful they all are, and then endlessly name dropping too obscure bands and la di da di da … but then I saw Miranda’s article.

 I also sort of loved "Doll Parts". If only that green dress were mine.

Initially she asks an artist “the kind of things that best friends would tell each other, because I was pretty sure we would be best friends and I didn’t want to waste any time with formalities.” The artist responded that she was too busy and would rather just forward along an old list of answers to questions she had thought up years before.
For shame.
Nick Cave wasn’t too busy. His answers were alright, but you know, he’s a boy and this is a girly magazine with girly questions.
I wish Miranda had answered them herself.
Oh well.
Anyway, the questionnaire finished with a photo request from Ms. July.
I had to oblige.

“Do one or more of the following:

1. Take a picture of yourself holding the last thing that was given to you and say who gave it to you and the circumstances.

My parents came up for a short visit this past weekend. It was really nice. I’ll show you some photos in a day or two, patience please. We said good bye in the parking lot next to my apartment under a thick veil of snowflakes. My mom was all sweet smiles from the car wishing me luck. My dad came around and gave me a quick awkward hug then put some money into my hand. He got in the car and off they went. I waved until I couldn’t see the car anymore.

2. Take a picture of yourself reading whatever book you are reading at the moment, with the book covering your face.

I’ve heard from a few reliable sources that if you read something by Jonathan Franzen it will change your life. I could do with a little sprucing up.

3. Poke a hole through a piece of paper, take a picture of yourself with the paper over your face, your tongue or nose through the hole.

Oink! Oink!


MMM said...

just great! we've just discovered your blog and we've already got addicted=)

Liset said...

What a lovely post, I love to read the article in lula's mag. Unfortunatly the magazine is not available over here... Great blog!