Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jeju-do Day 4: Rain

Good morning sunshine.

(I stole this photo from Sol)

Good bye Udo.
Hello rain.

Jeju is famous for its black pigs.
They are special because ...
.... well ....

I don't think that happens so much anymore,
but this place had an area to the side where you could to your business if you liked
and the pig would come eat it.

We gave him our apple core,
I think he preferred it to poop.

We are heartless bastards.
After looking at cute little pigs, we went and ate one.
It was delicious.

Once our bellies were full we drove along to Manjanggul lava-tube cave.
It was big, cold, and amazing.

This special rock is suppose to look like a turtle, but all I could see was a frozen  Han Solo.

... then we conquered the maze just in time to beat the rain.

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delightfullness said...

your photo's are great
it tells stories..^_^