Monday, August 2, 2010

Jeju-do Day 1: Where is the Car?

Before I left Korea I had just enough time to go on one last trip.
I really only had one option,  Jeju-do.
If you've never heard of it, that's ok. It's a Korean thing.

When I transferred money home the other week the lady at the bank asked what I was doing with my summer vacation.

"I'm going to Jeju-do."
"Really? You know it's cheaper to go to another country? Only Koreans go there."
"Yes, but I'm curious."

money talk - money talk - money talk

"Are you going to Jeju-do with friends?"
"Well, I'm going with a boy."
"Oh! Did you know that when Korean couples go there, it's for their honeymoon?"
"I heard that. My boyfriend is Korean."

Looks me up and down.

"Really? (slightly snarky) "I  wish I had a nice Korean boyfriend to take me to Jeju-do."


"We're going to Jeju-do".
Wait! Where is the car?

The car got towed.

In Canada that would involve an expensive taxi to the middle of nowhere and then a hefty fee to get it back. In Korea? The cab costs less than $5, the lot was conveniently located, and it was only about $30 to get the car back, which works out to about how much you would pay to park your car in Toronto overnight.

Good bye Busan.

I've never seen clouds like the ones we saw on our flight over.
So dramatic. So beautiful.


We walked over the cutest bridge .
It's covered in locks with little love letters written all over them.

"Honey, I will do my best for you,
and trust and love you forever and ever.
I will keep my promise.
I love you so much ♥"

and then it rained, and rained, and rained, and rained .....

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