Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stay Rad Ponyboy, Stay Rad

Another month has come and gone, and so it is time for another
Rad City

got to make sure it all looks pretty ...

Look who came back for a visit!!

He`s always been incrediably helpful ...

Rachel & David

There were lots of things to see and hear...
The She Hulk from Seoul brought beautiful things to read...

Li Daiguo has to be seen.
He has a big bag of instruments, and plays them all in the most original ways.

 Celine Bacque & Sato Yukie came out and .... well .. I'm still trying to figure out what
they did, but whatever it was, it was fun to watch.


Dj Nuphonique made everything sound great between sets.

Mr. Radley Citzen himself from Lhasa

... and all the kids seemed to have had fun.


Now if only there were more artist links so we could love them more after the show ....

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