Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the little wolves come out to play

Today the little wolves came out to play.

 Children's Day, is a pretty important holiday in Korea. In all fairness, I think the wolves deserve it as they all go to too many schools the rest of the year, they should have one day off to act like kids and be spoiled rotten.

So we headed to the mountains ...

... and did some serious colouring ...

This is Kenny.
He is a strange looking little guy,
who speaks in the third person,
dances like a child possessed,
and knows the answer to every question.
Annie Teacher is a big fan.

.. and recently, so are the other girls ..


Then it was picture time.
Line up.

Group shot!

.. and back to school ...
Good Bye Honorable Class.
Hello Natural Class.

They are big Beatles fans.

"Lawrence, how are you today".
"I am happy."
"Because teacher is pretty."

"Andy, how are you today?"
"I am angry today teacher."
"Because teacher is not pretty."

He's also quite the photographer.
These two are his photos...

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Anonymous said...

has Busan gone radical? From the looks of your blog it seems so. fucking excellent job. three cheers for the Busan bohemians, about time.

a former yet hopeful Busanite