Sunday, October 4, 2009

All The Commotion, The Kiddie Like Play

An extra day off is more than enough reason to celebrate and get out of town. This weekend a bunch of us piled into a little yellow school bus and went up, down, and around some pretty scary roads in the mountains until we came to the middle of beautiful nowhere.

yangsan 002

yangsan 003


yangsan 115

yangsan 213

yangsan 121





Daytime quickly turned to night, which quickly turned into drinking games ... that required little clothing ....

I'll see your 8 drinks and raise you a dance

.... complicated rules .....


..... or calling your mom .....

Call Your Mom!

Some people managed to sneak off for a little sleep ...


.... and just like that it was time to go home.

I see you

1 comment:

Anneke Forbes said...

love the pictures! Especially the one with the guy who messed up our game of flip cup - you can smell the frustration!!!