Saturday, September 8, 2012

The North

My last two weeks at work meant I only had two weeks left to pull it together and finally go on the two big trips I always talked about.
First up?
The North.
Hello Sudbury!

Then it was a dark, dark drive over to North Bay to visit my Uncle and his dog Sarah who just had 9 puppies!

Did I mention there were 9 puppies?
It was alot of cute.

Next morning we were heading up north on Highway 11.

We stopped here and there for a bit and did a little wandering along the way.

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Say hello to Cobalt for me if you ever find yourself driving up that way.

....and we just kept on going North.


Britt Kee said...

love love! GIFS!!

ruby said...

I'd say the GIF inspiration came from a special lady.

denise nestor said...

you're making me miss canada a bit. stop it :)

ruby said...

I hear they have airplanes that can bring you here ;)

denise nestor said...

yeah, actually when are you and eamon coming over here?! You have to let me know if you do, ok?! :)