Friday, May 6, 2011

Cross Your Fingers

I didn’t vote in the last two Canadian elections. It wasn’t intentional it’s just that I wasn’t around when they pulled out the ballot boxes. Ironically enough I missed the last one because I was travelling across the states following the Obama campaign. I heard the not so happy news that Stephen Harper was Prime Minister while in the back of a cab somewhere around the outskirts of Austin at 5am. This time around I was determined to vote.

And vote I did. So did they.

Considering my sins from elections past I figured I ought to get a big healthy dose of politics on election night, and where best to do that than at the biggest party for the biggest surprise of the election.

My once housemate Jimmy has always been an NDP man. He’s moved up the ranks a bit recently, and judging from the this election’s results I’d say it was well earned.

Let's not talk about that whole majority government thing.
Just cross your fingers and hope 4 years passes quickly.


Sewon said...

my canadian co-worker has been filling me on the election updates. ohhh i love your hair!

ruby said...

Can't say I am 100% happy about the election ... but c'est la vie.

My hair says thank you =)