Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fingers crossed

I’ve been a bit distant lately.
I’m sorry.
Really, it’s me, it’s not you.
I’ve had my reasons, and hopefully you’ll understand.
See living in Portland all the pretty girls have film cameras and people look at you a bit funny when you run around with a digital camera snapping away at all the little things you do. 
Would you believe that sometimes I’m shy? 
Yes, Ruby can be a shy girl.
But …. I met some nice people in this town, and one of them happens to be my housemate John.
He was away for the first half of the month on tour in Europe with his very very talented band, Nurses

.... and now he's home.
He's letting me borrow something.

Isn't she pretty?
I'm going to get some roles developed today, and ... well ... I'm nervous.
If they work you can take a peak at my Portland world ... if not... 
you can take it up with Pickle.

Pickle is TUFF.


RAH said...

Pickel? Pickle I think unless that's something Canadian.

ruby said...

see you soon!

ashley lilla said...

aw, that's the camera i used to have. it took the best pictures, and so simple. so simple.

i was just thinking, i have a lovely ladyfriend who takes pictures, bakes vegan treats and has a beautiful family in portland... you must meet!
her name is summer and she has this blog: