Sunday, July 4, 2010

Geoje - Go!

It's that special time of year again.
When it's cloudy and rainy everyday for about a month. Some people might think this is a time to watch movies and play a board
game or two.
But not us.
We still get around.

The family and I set out for Geoje a little later than the others, and although our travelling did not include a boat ride, we did have some help from the world's smallest driver.

We arrived just in time to see the new world record created for the world's newest and greatest sport, badball .... but we were too late to get a sunburn.

... we made a new friend ...

I am not the trooper the other kids are.
Bugs, rain, things that go bump in the night - they all don't sit well with me so we left the
outdoors to the outdoorsy types for the night and headed back to our minbak to see Maradona have his heart broken.

Next morning, breakfast of champions ...

.... followed by sneaking into places we shouldn't have been ...

Take that big brother!

We worked on our fitness ...

... and then it was time for a very special visitor ...

... followed by perhaps the strangest historical site I've ever seen ....

Does this look like a giant bucket of fake poop?

It is.

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Anonymous said...

your blog is amazing! lots of photos! haha! what camera are you using? (hi-res ones) some are in lomo right? i'm expermenting with fisheye. i'm a newbie in korea living in ulsan but i might get transferred to geoje after a few months. i was googling blogs about the island and i stumbled upon yours. i'm currently using a korean PC so i can't figure out how to pick an identity. anyway, for whatever, just shoot me an email to continue posting stuff!