Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mountain Health, or How I Learned I Really Need to Learn Some Korean

Today we went up, up and away into the moutains.

It was all very beautiful.

We were poking around yet another beautiful hidden temple when an older monk came outside and waved us in for tea and oranges. What ensued was 30 mins of awkward smiles and intense gazes ... followed by a game of dressup.
I would have made a fabulous monk.

Our prefered method of transportation?
My brand new previously well loved bike.

We passed a golfing range ... and it was just so big and shiny and green that stopping seemed necessary. Korea seems to have this tendency to bring out the jock in me.
Don't ask how often I visit the batting cages.


Your latest fan said...

I love these pictures. I just got to korea and after seeing your pictures I have no regrets about coming here to teach for a year. Will be looking for you on the streets of Busan...

ruby said...

Oh my goodness.
What a lovely thing to say!