Saturday, June 27, 2009

Observe the Rhylon in his not-so-natural surroundings

This is Rhylon.
He is alot of fun.
Don't believe me?

Larry before he met Rhylon ....

.... Larry after meeting Rhylon.

However, Rhylon isn't for everyone ... some girls just can't handle his charming personality and laser powered chin.

Sea creatures will gravitate towards him ......

.... and lovely girls will fight for the chance to sit next to him.

But the cops, the cops weren't so happy to meet Rhylon.

Did you know that if you take a photo of someone who is passed out on the beach they might get so angry that they'll call the cops? Did you know that the cops will stick around for 20 minutes questioning all the boys and demanding to see their camera, never once thinking to ask the girl with the camera in her bag who quietly deletes the photo while nobody is watching? Did you know that once the cops see the offending camera and realize it's only an old digital brick full of party pictures they'll cheer up instantly and tell the girl "I like to party".
We didn't know that would happen either.

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