Friday, December 19, 2008

An Airplane over a Bog

As you may have gathered from the past few posts ...  I am alive! Ms. Rubysuitcase and I crossed America and lived to tell the tale. As expected I had an amazing time is quirky Savannah, was a little frightened during the gorgeous ocean drive to Key West, fell in love with New Orleans all over again, bought the red cowboy boots in Austin, stumbled around with zombies in Tucson, was in total awe of the Grand Canyon, was the angel among devils in Las Vegas, should have gotten a tattoo in San Diego, will not tell you what I did in Tijuana, and got a nasty case of bed bugs in West Hollywood. Now that I'm home and things have died down a bit I'm prone to some nasty cases of nostalgia and start practically every sentence with "This one time in [insert city name]" so much so that most people are getting tired of me.
But you want a hear a story .... don't you?

Unlike some rather lovely boys I knew who were stuck riding the Greyhound for 22 hours between Miami and New Orleans, I had a plane ticket (a plane ticket that was cheaper than their bus ticket). Little Ms.Know-it-all that I am I knew that neither the state of Mississippi or Alabama had any hostels, which sadly meant I had to skip them because who wants to be couped up in a cheap motel all by themself for so long? So when the day came I hopped on my plane and off it went up into the sky and it didn't come back down until NOLA was nearby.
I spent the entire flight getting more and more excited as my plane got closer and closer to its destination and then as we started our descent I suddenly had a thought - I had had an amazing time in New Orleans last year ... would I be spending this week here chasing last year's ghosts trying to have as much fun as they did?

There was no reason to worry. As soon as I arrived at the hostel I ran into the Swedish boys I'd met in Charleston and Miami, and then I ran into Nora who I'd met the last time I was in NOLA and who was positively convinced we needed to go see a band that night. Two fabulous Estonian girls and an extra Swed rounded out our pose and we headed out. 

After much dancing, drinking, and more dancing I have to admit my memory of the night is a bit fuzzy, but it was exactly what you want from any city - great music, cheap drinks, and fabulous people .

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